Barber Video

I’ve always been getting requests for a barber video, and I have also always thought of having a barber video like most of the barbers in USA.
I’m still trying to make my dream come true: my own barbershop-cum-cafeorprawnmeestoreorsomething.
Hunting for a barber-chair at the moment, keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

Thanks to my friend Breandon I am one step closer to having the barber video.
You can check out the preview,
And also, the slideshow he did.
Breandon also loves drawing, and he is all self-taught.
Like a friend I got to know recently who is also self-taught, Desmond Kaine Tay. He does graphic, 3-D, animation and much much more. One of my inspirations in life too.

Looking at the name-card my girlfriend designed for me, and the initial branding and positioning she wanted MMohawk. to have, I really have to thank her for it.
If you haven’t seen the namecard, it looks like this.
Wicked tools, with the tagline “whatever it takes”.
Waiting for the different tag-lined name-cards to be printed.

So, stay tuned for the final video!
Will definitely keep you guys updated!
And be sure to check out my latest haircuts at !!


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