How would you describe your style/fashion sense? Honestly, my sense of style is quite diverse. I like colours that pop but also like muted tones and clean silhouettes, . I think it would be quite stifling to confine yourself to a certain look or style. The beauty in fashion is in its diversity and the never-ending options that you can have. I am inspired by the eccentric and the quirky in looks, whether it is an out of the ordinary coloured top or a randomly placed accessory, I think it adds dimensions. I am constantly inspired by art, music and design but more importantly, I try to stay true to who I am as a person. Personal sensibility is essential to me as a determining factor for great style, I would never want to be a cookie cutter of someone else that seems to be ‘fashionable’ to many others. What they wear and what you wear are 2 different subjects that you should never try to mix. Basically – Don’t be someone you are not. I prefer to visit street style blogs such as the likes of The Sartorialist, Street Peeper, All the Pretty Birds and Wayne Tippetts as I like to see ordinary people being extraordinary when it comes to their looks, I feel there is so much more value in that above everything else. One of my favourite fashion bloggers is Annabu (Also known as Bu) of Bu the Right Thing – She’s got great humour when it comes to fashion and is always incredibly pulled together in her looks despite all that. Her looks are always changing and I love that she embraces Nike Kicks rather than wearing hot shorts with 5 inch heels all the time.

All in all, in my humble opinion, fashion is meant to be fun/experimental/insane in the most beautiful way, and that’s how we should all view it. Like life, it is always good once in a while to take a laugh at yourself, so..why so serious?

why do you like travelling? Travelling is a form of escapism for me, whether it is a 4 hour drive up to KL or a 18 hour flight to New York. It’s nice to escape the drones of city life for abit and just see the world in a different light. I will always call Singapore home but nothing is greater than lying on a bed of sand along Venice Beach, hitting up the waves in Bali or just sweating buckets at a weekend market in Bangkok. I embrace new experiences rather than shy away from them and that to me is what travelling is about; the opportunities of what you would do the next day is mightily endless.

I love to shop in Bangkok and Korea, these 2 destinations are choice for any fashionphile. I am inspired by Bangkok and their local designers and I love the fact that they are so receptive to their local artists. Korea is coming up as a style destination. The last time I was in central Seoul, I was blown away by how immaculately the locals dressed plus the wholesale market is just mind-blowingly amazing, ’nuff said.

Locally, I don’t shop very much. I buy some stuff from various locally based online stores but never a whole lot because I don’t really want to walk around owning the same item as someone else. I think Singapore is reaching sort of a plateau in the shopping arena, just too saturated with too many people selling the same stuff. There’s just no diversity there. But I think our local designers are quite something and I am loving Max Tan’s works right now.

I do my usual rounds with ASOS, Nasty Gal and American Apparel every now and then but I try never to buy too much from them because everyone else is doing the same thing. That’s right..I like to be special :)
I like to visit museums when I have the time but mostly a good read is all I need as down-time. That, and great company.

http://villainslovers.bigcartel.com/ Villains + Lovers is a lovechild between a good friend and myself. Just like our name, our aesthetics are a marriage between hardu-edged clothing pieces with a romantic nature. We believe in comfort but also believe in style. Many people often say that it is either style over comfort or comfort over style..but why can’t it be both? Truly we are quality nazis. We pore and scour the ends of the earth literally to make sure that we bring in unique, well-made items because we understand how irritating it can be to walk down a street and see someone owning the same dress/top/bottoms. Our pieces are meant to last through trends and seasons; classic pieces with a fashionable twist!


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