Hair Tattooed on: 14/04/10
Style + Hair Tattoo

Where are you studying now? Nanyang Academy of F*** Arts, Diploma in Music Performance Principal Study: French Horn. XD \m/ What influences your music? I keep an open mind about everything and anything!! So when I hear or learn something that I like, I put it into my playing. Your idols? THAT FREAKIN’ AWESOME DUDE WITH LIGHT BLUE LIBERTY SPIKES ON YOUTUBE! And of course, any musician, be it metal or classical, that can inspire me and make me attracted to their music! Why mohawk and hair tattoos? It first started with a crazy idea of doing what I have never done before. I always wondered, what it would be like getting a real mohawk done. Sooooooooo, do first , think later ;) hahahahahaha. Besides, lookin good makes me feel good too. I get satisfaction from hawk-ing my hair, and I love my mohawk even more now because I have literally broken barriers between strangers whom I have never even met in my life. Awesome!   XD Playing around and trying different colours on my mohawk is also another good experience. I always believed that these kind of stuff should be tried in life at least once, because you’ll never know you might find the love for it like how I have for music and Mohawks. :D And of course, when I got my Mohawk, the next thing I thought of was  “keep skinning my sides? that’s boring, I can’t live with my sides flat forever!”  Then my good friend and hairstylist showed me some crazy ideas of getting hair tattoos, sooooooo, knowing how I am, do first, think later! ;) And i got it done!
At first, it was just two plain and simple lines, I liked it. Then I got an awesome looking star, and I was thinking “ooooooh I’m starting to like this even more!”
Of course there were some failed attempts like a “rose” and a “music note” but no worries, because like everything else, practice makes perfect!
Now i have this awesome treble clef on a 5 staff line on my left side and a “No Smoking” sign on my right. KUDOS to Muffyn Liuliu, his blades, and skillfull hands!!!!!!!!! :D How old is the mohawk and what do you intend to grow it into? Currently, my mohawk is about 2.5 months old. It’s been through bleaching, being coloured blue and red, faded to grey-ish and orange-ish, heavy rain, under the scorching sun, and loads of photos. Now I got it a beautiful dark purple and dark blue, and I’m loving every moment with my Mohawk! :D My sides have been very very well taken care of by my good friend, Muffyn Liuliu!! I intend to keep it long enough to at least do liberty spikes for once. I just hope I can do it before reservists kicks in in August where I will probably have to say goodbye to my one and only mohawk :( Am still unsure if I’m gonna do it for life, but, now that I still have it. I’m definitely keeping it! :D


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